The Aspects of Personalized Search

When shopping, the Search box conveys the notion of simplicity, yet it is one of the most complex and intelligent features on a site. Due to this misconception, it is frequently abused and misused. Often, shoppers enter queries that are too detailed or too vague, resulting in the common ‘no results’ error message, simply because they truly do not understand how complex a search engine’s processes are. Commerce Search is the card catalog to everything a brand or retailer has to offer, and if it isn’t, it should be. However, many search engines do not consider the aspects of Search, nor do they have the ability to overcome the complex challenges of Search.

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Three Layer Personalization

RichRelevance reimagines Commerce Search with Find™ — the only full stack site search solution to date incorporating Three Layer Personalization.

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Modernize Commerce Search

Until today, Commerce Search engines have failed to deliver the experience and results today’s omnichannel consumers seek. Legacy Commerce Search solutions have lacked the real time ability to truly measure and respond to consumers’ ever changing behavior. This paper defines why Findability is the essential metric for Commerce Search highlighting how it positively impacts the entire customer experience and ultimately increases not only engagement, but overall revenue across channels.

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Disrupt Your Market Webinar

As retailers battle to gain customer loyalty, their main differentiator in today’s competitive market is the customer experience that’s tailored to each shopper. This begs the question of how do you ensure that your customer experience is superior to your competitor’s? How do you keep customers coming back again and again?

The first step to winning the hearts and minds of your customers is to develop and nurture long lasting relationships by leveraging your big and small data to identify not only global consumer trends, but also trends of a single customer to respond in real-time. Join us to dig deep into the omnichannel Relevance Cloud™’s vast array of personalization possibilities and learn how you too can disrupt your own market.

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Demystifying Omnichannel

Join Diane Kegley, CMO of RichRelevance, and Gustavo Gomez, Director of Research and Methodology at Envirosell, the consumer behavior research and consulting firm, as they discuss the key success factors for enriching omnichannel experiences and outline a 100-day plan for adopting omnichannel in your business.

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Mobile Personalization Master Class

Join RichRelevance and our special guest, Dennis Williams, mobile UX expert, who led mobile site and app development for the “ of South Africa,” Learn the basics of mobile personalization–the first step in giving your mobile conversion a boost in engagement and revenue.

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