RelevanceTV: Monsoon Overview

John Boville, IT and Ecommerce Director for Monsoon Accessorize, provides an overview of their omnichannel personalisation program with RichRelevance.

How to Innovate Fast in Retail

Consumers have taken control of their interactions with retailers. It’s imperative for retailers to reduce barriers to commerce, leverage data across channels, and understand the performance of each of these aspects in the total customer experience.

We at RichRelevance believe that an open and flexible personalization platform, such as the one described here, will allow retailers to keep pace with the changes in the industry and the new demands of their customers. The modern retailer needs to be agile and innovative to prevail in the new competitive environment; a modern personalization platform is a key tool to compete effectively.

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Bridging the Gap: Content & Commerce

Personalization platforms complement CMSs to transform generic content delivery into highly personalized, real-time, relevant interactions based on individual behavior, history and preferences.

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Demystifying Omnichannel

Join Diane Kegley, CMO of RichRelevance, and Gustavo Gomez, Director of Research and Methodology at Envirosell, the consumer behavior research and consulting firm, as they discuss the key success factors for enriching omnichannel experiences and outline a 100-day plan for adopting omnichannel in your business.

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Mobile Personalization Master Class

Join RichRelevance and our special guest, Dennis Williams, mobile UX expert, who led mobile site and app development for the “ of South Africa,” Learn the basics of mobile personalization–the first step in giving your mobile conversion a boost in engagement and revenue.

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Inside King of the Hill

King of the Hill™ is RichRelevance’s decisioning engine, which selects the best content for every customer in every context in real time. It does so by continuously testing content performance and quickly reacting to market changes. Think of it as running ongoing A/B tests where the winning content receives most of the views but others still get a few views in a quest for ever-improving performance. King of the Hill works differently in Recommend™ and Engage™ so we’ll describe them separately.

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